General Terms and Conditions

Beauty Boutique Rotterdam 

  1. General

The conditions of Beauty Boutique Rotterdam are applicable to each treatment provided by Beauty Boutique Rotterdam to a guest, upon which the services salon has declared these conditions applicable, in so far as parties have not expressly deviated from these conditions in writing.

Beauty Boutique Rotterdam shall to the best of its ability and insight and in accordance with professional standard and with the actual state of science available in that moment provide and perform the treatments.  Beauty Boutique Rotterdam shall as much as is reasonably possible, inform the guests on the financial consequences of changes or additions to the treatment.

  1. Agreements

The guest must notify any hindrance to the appointment as soon as possible with the salon, though at latest 24 hours prior to the appointment. If the guest does not comply or does not timely comply with this agreement, Beauty Boutique Rotterdam may charge 50% of the fee for the agreed treatment to the guest. If the guest arrives more than 5 minutes late at the salon in terms of the agreed time, Beauty Boutique Rotterdam may subtract the agreed time from the treatment and maintain the original fee for the treatment regardless of this. With more than 15 minutes after the agreed time, Beauty Boutique Rotterdam may cancel the appointment and maintain the original fee for the treatment regardless of this. 

  1. Payment

Beauty Boutique Rotterdam shall indicate all fees of the treatments visibly in the salon; the indicated prices shall be including VAT. Offers and advertisements shall be valid within the indicated periods. The guest shall immediately after ending the session make the payment in cash or via PIN in full.

  1. Personal information & privacy

The guest provides Beauty Boutique Rotterdam prior to the first treatment with all information for which the therapist indicates that these are necessary or for which the guest reasonably should understand that these are necessary for the professional performance of the treatments. Beauty Boutique Rotterdam ill store all personal information of the guest in an automated system and in a guest file and treat the confidential information of the guest in accordance with the regulations in the Act on Data Protection.

  1. Confidentiality

The therapist is required to keep secret all the confidential information that the guest has provided during the treatment. Information shall apply as being confidential if this is indicated by the guest or this stems from the nature of the information. Confidentiality shall expire if, by virtue of any legal provision or a court judgment, the therapist is obligated to disclose the confidential information to third parties.

  1. Liability

Beauty Boutique Rotterdam shall not be liable for damage of any nature caused as a result of the therapist following false information or incomplete information given by the guest about relevant body conditions, medicine use, activities or leisure activities. Beauty Boutique Rotterdam is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal belongings which the guest brings to the salon.

  1. Damage & theft

Beauty Boutique Rotterdam has the right to claim compensation if the guest damages furniture, equipment or products. Massage Therapy Rotterdam always notifies the police authorities.

  1. Complaints

If the guest has a complaint about a treatment, he/she must as soon as possible, though at least within 5 working days after discovery, notify this in writing to the owner of Beauty Boutique Rotterdam and if the owner is not the treating therapist, with the treating therapist.

Beauty Boutique Rotterdam must adequately respond to the complainant within 5 working days.

Only when a complaint is well founded shall Beauty Boutique Rotterdam commit to redo the same treatment as agreed, unless this has become irrelevant in that moment for the guest who makes this known in writing. Only if Beauty Boutique Rotterdam and the complainant can’t come to an agreement may the complainant submit the dispute to a judicial authority or mediator.

  1. Good behavior

The guest is expected to conduct him/herself decently in accordance with generally accepted norms in the salon. If the guest persists conducting him/herself with unacceptable behavior after repeated warnings, Beauty Boutique Rotterdam has the right to refuse the guest entry to the salon under notification of reasons.

  1. Applicable law

Dutch law shall apply to every agreement made between Beauty Boutique Rotterdam and the guest. In case of explanation of the content and scope of these general terms and conditions, the Dutch version shall always be determinative. Applicable shall always be the latest submitted and registered version or the version as applicable at the time of conclusion of the agreement. An English language version of the terms and conditions shall only be provided upon request of the guest.